Statement of Support

The Windsor Art Center has taken a stand. A decision to not only STAND UP for our fellow Black citizens, but STAND WITH our fellow Black citizens. The murder of George Floyd is the latest in an ongoing list of names of Black men and women, whose lives were extinguished as a result of police brutality.

The Windsor Art Center is firm in its stance to denounce police brutality as well as systemic, overt and covert racism. We are members of a community that must seize this opportunity to create change and cultivate growth. We hope to serve as a catalyst to do just that. Art, music, theater, poetry and photography are a few of the mediums that allow people to express their dreams, hopes, feelings and fears. Since 2007, these mediums have been showcased and exhibited at the Windsor Art Center and we will continue to offer artists of all types a space to foster meaningful dialog to eradicate these deep-rooted issues.

George Floyd. Mike Brown. Tamir Rice. Breonna Taylor. Sean Bell. Abner Louima. Eric Garner. No more hashtags.


Next In Line by Andre Rochester