Artist in Residence: Adam Lenz

Artist in Residence

North Gallery/Artist in Residence: Adam Lenz, a composer, artist, and teacher currently based in Windsor, Connecticut. His work spans music composition, multimedia art, installation, and performance and has been presented in Russia, Germany, Romania, Iceland, Mexico, Japan, the UK, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Israel, the United States, and online.

Mr. Lenz will be using his extended residency through March 6, to continue his collaboration with bassist and improviser Zach Rowden on creating their newest project titled, A Way of Providing Ventilation, a multichannel audio installation inspired by the Windsor tobacco barns and the history of tobacco production in the Connecticut River Valley. The project focuses on the slat wall systems utilized in local tobacco barns that allow for controlling the air movement during the curing process which serves as a means of ventilation. The work will conceptualize the barn architecture as an instrument, activated by airflow in the same way as a harmonica functions.

Please watch Adams inspiring video