Art on the Tracks: A Celebration of the “Studio”

Free Opening reception on Saturday, March 10, from 5-7 pm. The exhibition runs through April 21 at The Windsor Art Center, 40 Mechanic Street, Windsor, CT.

Additional events during the exhibition:

Therapeutic yoga class for all levelsSaturday, March 31 • 2–3:30 pm • by Elizabeth Gibbs. Elizabeth will teach you easy-to-learn postures, breathing exercises and meditation that you can do anywhere and anytime to help you manage stress and promote optimal health and relaxation. You can participate in this class on a mat or in a chair. The class is suitable for all ages and abilities. FREE

Demo on painting landscapes from memory • Saturday, April 7, 1–2:30 pm • by Cathy Doocy. Cathy will demonstration her process of recalling natural landscapes from memory, and the inner vision she then expresses in her paintings. FREE

Art talk and demonstration on making mixed media art • Saturday, April 14 • 1–2:30 pm. JoeSam will discuss his art theory, demonstrate his mixed media art form, and explain how he uses found materials in his work. FREE


About the Artists:

Andres Chaparro is a mixed media painter and collagist whose bold and expressive art is a visual representation of jazz music. “I work without premeditation simply following the path that each painting sets forth for me. Through my artwork I strive to create an example of ideas that reflect my desire to raise social consciousness, and cultural awareness.”

LeaAnn Cogswell is a sculptor devoted to the power that lies within the human form. “I consider it a great privilege to work regularly from life. Infinitely varied, the human figure is fascinating and amazingly beautiful, even in all its not-so-perfect forms. A powerful visual subject, it always holds new surprises.”

Cathy Doocy is a painter of contemporary landscapes. “In my work, the representation of a ‘landscape’ is not the final goal. Instead, I use the vernacular of landscape painting as a method for exploring composition and color. My work is about painting not landscape; about illusion not representation; about drawing not twigs and branches.”

Elizabeth Gibbs is a yoga therapist and writer. “My efforts focus on bringing yoga to populations that would not ordinarily find their way into a yoga studio. I have produced an introduction to Yoga Nidra CD and written a therapeutic yoga book for children with a companion manual for adults who work with children.”

Che’ La’Mora is a Heartbreak Coach with a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy offering support for people struggling with heartbreak and/or divorce. “I know how it feels to feel unheard, alone, or lost in emotions.” Her blog “Selfiie Chronicles” follows her journey as a divorced mom with two children; healing, self-love and recovery.

JoeSam is a mixed media artist, who prefers to use materials in the state in which they were found. “My work reflects the fact that I’m a Black artist. My colors, patterns, and designs are multi-faceted and combine many parallel elements in a single piece of work analogous to the way African derived music combines parallel rhythmic and melodic elements.”

This exhibition is supported in part by the Greater Hartford Arts Council’s United Arts Campaign and in part by local businesses, organizations, and individuals from our community.